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Old 04-18-06, 09:58 PM
Prohormone stomach and back pain
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I'm finishing up a pro hormone cycle and am noticing a little bit of a burn in my stomach and discomfort in the lower side of my back. I just started riding my gixxer again so that might explain the lower back pain and I was also thinking it might be from the heavy squats I've been doing or (and I hope this doesn't sound dumb)I think my lats and traps have gotten too big and I haven't been doing enough lower back exercises to support them, but that doesn't explain the slight stomach burn. I thought it was just certain foods, but then again i get it when I eat really blan foods also. I'm concerned that my liver or kidneys are acting up because i've read than any oral compound can be potentially toxic to them.

I honestly drunk one crown on the rocks and had one shiner the whole time on cycle. It is very rare that i don't drink a gallon of water any time time on or off cycle.

I read from a post that it was very important to take a milk thistle product so i've been taking liver rx by hi tech pharmaceuticals 3x daily. And I also suplement with gnc natural brand flaxseed oil and triple odorless coated garlic.

For anyone who hasn't read any of my posts My cycle was 4 weeks of max lmg and 4 weeks of prostanazol and promagnon 25. I'm in week 6 now. I don't really have any way to get any thing but QV which is why i decided to go the pro'hormone route. I did the qv and hated. On the prohormone I went fron 190-193ish to 208-210ish (different scales).It has been the best stuff i ever took easy.

I guess my question is has anyone noticed any pain/discomfort like this before? I'm going to go see a doctor since a lady friend of mine told me that stomach pain and lower back pain are many time connected. I don't know what to ask the doctor, but i think i'n just going to bring the bottles and show him what i was taking and my concerns. Are there any tests I should ask for or things you guys suggest i should say?

Also I was thinking that maybe my cycle was just too long, but i read on a prohormone FAQ post here that 8 weeks was not too long?Any suggestion or thiught on this subject would be greatly appreciated especially on what to ask or say to the doctor or any similar situations.
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Old 04-18-06, 11:04 PM
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The bike would have a lot to do with the back pain, my best guess. If your organs are acting up, there could be disasociated(sp) pain(what your lady friend was talking about). But it would feel a bit deeper than a muscle pain, if that makes sense. The stomach burning sounds like indigestion, which is very common with orals and PH's. I wouldn't tell your doc anything unless he finds something wrong. PH's are just as illegal now as AS and could jeprodize any insurance you have or could get in the future.
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Old 04-19-06, 07:44 PM
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Thanks.someone told me me 8 weeks of orals would do that and that i shouldv'e took at leat a three week break in between each ph. so i've stopped the cycle and going to start pct today. I'll take that advice and not say anything about what i've been on to the doctor and just tell him about the pain.
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