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EQ/test cycle headaches

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  • EQ/test cycle headaches

    I am currently running a EQ/test E cycle. I am running 500 EQ and 375 test E every 5th day. I am approx 4 weeks in and I started experiencing constant headaches about a week ago. My diet is on point and I have been checking my blood pressure and it stays between 145/90 and 135/85. I started taking 10mgs lisinpril every morning and it seems to have it down a few points. I don't have any symptoms of gyno really that I can tell but I can't seem to shake the headaches. I do have some Nolvadex on hand if needed but after doing some research it seems like it may not be the best choice and is best for PCT. I was thinking about maybe ordering some adex or aromastin. I read that estrogen level changes can cause headaches but idk. I am new to to this but I have some basic knowledge and I was just wondering if you guys could provide some feedback. Thanks!

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    EQ makes the blood "sticky". Come off the EQ for a week or so and you'll have your answer.


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      Sup big dawg

      hes right maybe drop EQ totally