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I feel GREAT trying to make this weight class!

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  • I feel GREAT trying to make this weight class!

    Well I've decided that I may do the show I was originally planning to do this saturday. I recently dropped that idea and I was going to just focus on the show July 23rd (Collegiate Nationals), but I figure what the hell, I'm basically at a low enough bodyfat to not make an ass out of myself, I just need to get into the novice lightweight division (165.25) by friday evenings weigh-in and not only will I not make an ass out of myself, I'll probably be pretty competitive in that division.

    Getting to the 165.25 is the problem though. I started the week at about 176 and around 6% b.f.

    I'm not doing a regular contest prep week for the show this saturday, meaning that I'm still doing cardio all week and I'm not doing any regular form of carbing depleting and carb loading.....this is all due to me putting the main focus on the July 23rd show and going into THAT show as tight as possible.

    I am going to cut water though and see if by doing that I can make that 165.25 weight class. Anyone who competes knows how great I must feel right now (hence the title of the thread). I'm carb depleted and irritable as all hell......

    I just keep picturing Hooters wings and pitchers of beer....Oh how the picture seems so far away right now......

    Well, wish me luck and say a prayer, I'm gonna try to make SM proud!

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    That's a lot of weight to lose in water considering you already lost water when you started cutting carbs and that you're not going to go through the standard cycling. How much water weight can you lose wearing one of those sweat suits and doing cardio? I'm pretty sure one can lose about 5lbs just doing that.

    Anyway, good luck and keep us posted. It would be great to see pics from the show if you get any!


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      Are you totally clean? I mean any T3 T4 or diuretics? If so that will help..

      Also, if you are not going to shitload, I wouldn't worry about it at all. if you are at 6% and push the h20 up to 3 gals to tues then cut to 1/2 gal wed 8 oz shitload then I think you could drop enough weight.

      But...there's always a but...I could care less what i weigh. i am preping for Caveman on July 30th and Mr Mo aug 6th. I figured I'd come in at about 165. this morning I am at 159. But I look good (per comp buddies so they say...) so I will just come in wher I come in. you can be the lightest in your class and still win if you pose well and are lean enough. if your real main focus is on the second show, I'd not worry about this one, do your normal prep and whatever you come in at go with it... actually I'd use it as a buliding block and test phase for the second show. In other words, i'd carb up and shitload and if you spill over who'll know where to dial in for the second show.