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    Originally posted by Marshall1019 View Post
    Bouncer This is a hard debate for me to convince someone of, because there is literally soo much western media propaganda due to the interests I mentioned above with the US government as well as other governments, who we all know control the media also, except maybe FOX but even them I think. Fox is to keep the other side pacified. Anyways, it’s damn near impossible to find the full undoctored situation, especially if you can’t translate or understand Russian language (most Ukrainians speak Russian also since it was all Russian land for the 20th century). Please just consider the other side and don’t call me a nazi or hitler or any other name calling. Just give it a thought and consider. I know that almost no one in America knows the TRUE history between these countries and this region because they’ve had absolutely no reason to care at all. It effects nothing in our day to day life. No offense, but I know Scrum is going to side with whatever his liberal media tells him, and others will side with whatever FOX or whatever, media tells them. Please ask yourselves a question… when all the globalists, billionaire’s, and new world order folks are cheering for only one team, and broadcasting from only one side….you should be concerned. That’s all I will say
    Ruble vs USD


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      Anyone who thinks "China will benefit from all of this".... lol... wrong.

      One Of China's Largest Banks Fails To Pay Margin Call After Today's Monster Nickel Squeeze


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