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Sriracha Sauce Is a Performance Enhancer

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  • Sriracha Sauce Is a Performance Enhancer

    What the Researchers Found

    Chinese researchers polled 3717 Chinese adults about how often they ate spicy red peppers and then correlated the results with handgrip strength. The more often they ate spicy red peppers, the harder they were able to squeeze a hand gripper:

    Red peppers less than once a week: 44.7 kilograms of force (mean)
    Red peppers at least once a week: 45.5 kilograms of force
    Red peppers two to three times a week: 45.8 kilograms of force

    Why Do Peppers Make You Stronger?

    What's telling about the study was that they also looked at the consumption of sweet red peppers, but they didn't seem to have any effect on strength. This makes you think that the increases in strength were caused by capsaicin, which is the stuff responsible for a chili's "burn."

    Capsaicin is known to improve mitochondrial biogenesis and the production of ATP, the energy currency of the cell. It also has analgesic effects, which, theoretically, and at least as supported by one previous study, could lead to additional reps being performed.

    However, as far as this current study is concerned, the increases in strength probably have more to do with increased production of ATP.

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