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Birth Control, Hypothyroidism, and Weght Gain

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    Originally posted by chuckz28 View Post
    No, I'm flirting with you red.

    Tapatalk sucks balls
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      Originally posted by mofo View Post
      I never really felt bad
      horse shit. you felt like a pig gaining all that weight. its good thing. those that dont have an issue with it stay fat forever


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        Originally posted by mofo View Post
        Posting here in case anyone else wants to add thoughts on the situation.

        I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 7-8 years ago. The symptoms were increasingly there but I couldn’t figure what caused them until I got a full set of bloodwork done. The biggest flags for me were weight gain (25-30 pounds gained in about 2 years), excessive fatigue and constant headaches. I attributed a lot of what was going on to hormones, namely estrogen. A dose of 25mcg of levoxyl was prescribed to help level out what was going on. At the same time, I also started birth control.

        I gained *more* weight (another 20-30 pounds over 5ish years). I also was going through a rough time and eating like shit but the amount of weight gain was unacceptable. (For those who’ve known me on the board, this time is when I basically walked away from here.) But hindsight is 20/20. So about June of last year, I stopped the birth control and kept going on with the 25mcg levoxyl. I noticed my weight plateaued even with exercise 4-5 times a week and monitoring my food intake.

        Let me add some important details: I’m not a huge “diet” person. I don’t monitor each and every calorie or carb or fat. When I say “monitor my food intake”, I mean cutting out fried foods. Prepping meals at home vs. eating out. Less carbs, more proteins. I also adjust my meals based on how I feel after eating them (energy levels, etc.)

        After speaking with my doctor, we made some important changes. We increased the amount of levoxyl from 25mcg to 50mcg. This was unusual since my thyroid levels were in the “normal range” but still higher than where they were when compared to bloodwork before it was acquired. She also insisted that I continue with birth control but switched to Nuvaring instead of tri sprintec (both for obvious birth control reasons but also to regulate my cycle and associated symptoms). Since the change being made earlier in the summer, I’ve lost around 20 pounds, down 2 pant sizes and I feel fucking amazing.

        I’m not seeking an evaluation from anyone on anything specific but I just wanted to share what the journey was like for me.
        This is one of the most absurd stories Ive ever heard. If everything you say is true that Dr. should not be practicing medicine. Did I read correctly? You had these symptoms, clear of a slow thyroid and I am a damn attorney who used to be a competitive bodybuilder and now I work with people preparing to compete. I went tp law school; for three years and I would have told you to get a thyroid test 5 years ago. Ridiculous,.