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    The question of the use of potent drugs in MMA, just like in power sports, is a matter for a small number of professionals, since the main purpose of these drugs is to give the body the ability to recover from loads so heavy that it is impossible to recover from them naturally. Based on this, attempts to use them by those who are not so seriously engaged are at least pointless, no matter what fairy tales they believe.
    In this sport, these drugs also contribute to the speedy healing of injuries received in battles, and therefore, regardless of what kind of ethical platform for doping adheres to a particular person, it is not in his right to condemn fighters who often shed not only sweat but also their own blood, if one of them still decides, for example, to use AS.
    The practice of using potent drugs, well studied, for example, by bodybuilders, - like most of these drugs themselves - is not applicable to the needs of MMA, due to the specific requirements imposed on a fighter during a fight.
    If in the majority of purely power types the main indicator leading to victory is strength and muscle mass, in martial arts there are significantly more conditions and qualities that need to be taken into account in training, since first of all, one should not allow the loss of speed and endurance, and also tangible growth is undesirable body mass and loss of elasticity and strength of ligaments (which, in addition, can lead to undesirable injuries).
    The continuation of the previous paragraph is the exclusion from the practice of MMA of most drugs that give greater water retention, adversely affect endurance, as well as a significant reduction in working dosages remaining in comparison even with medium and small dosages according to bodybuilding practices.
    In addition, if one of the athletes nevertheless decides to use one or another drug in his career, he must consult with lawyers in the countries where he will perform, as well as with doctors, in order to clearly understand all the consequences of his decision ( including in relation to the organization with which it has a contract). You also need to understand how he will (if) pass the doping control. This is only a one-time procedure for the detection of only the most serious drugs and drugs, or it is a permanent and out-of-competition control with a rigorous verification of the results.

    If we take into account all the above, we can say that there are still fewer medications left to consider than it has disappeared, even for cases with “soft control” or its complete absence. Suppose that a professional fighter is only interested in the result, and he is not afraid of control under the laws of the country where he stands.
    Of the few options, in principle, the following are possible: testosterone in various forms, boldenone, Primobolan, Masteron, trenbolone acetate and enanthate, oxandrolone. Stanozolol is very limited in combination with something else to reduce the likelihood of injury to the ligaments and Turinabol — only for a period of strength courses since it has a very negative effect on endurance.
    In fact, in the practice of professional fighters, combinations of two or three drugs are most often used, some of which are more androgens and others are anabolic in order to achieve a synergistic effect and even lower the dosages of each of the drugs.
    For example, these are combinations of Masteron and trenbolone acetate. It is only necessary to take into account that one of the side effects of trenbolone, which, however, rarely manifests itself at low dosages, may be the appearance of a respiratory spasm, so you should not take it in the immediate vicinity of the competition.
    Another quite working combination is Primobolan and one or another variant of testosterone, the choice of which depends on the fact that fast testosterones are eliminated faster and less retain water, but they need to inject more often, which is not always convenient and pleasant, and long enough to prick once a week, but water retention is more (in any case, it is impossible to do without it, the question is the increase of its own weight by 2-3 kg., or 8 - 10 ...).
    It is necessary to consider the following: if the question of strength is not as critical as the question of functional condition and weight, then the fighters resort to such a technique as exiting the course on oxandrolone (for about two weeks), after which testosterone boosters are used to raise the production of their own testosterone. As a result, the water is drained immediately, and the power condition is preserved for almost a month after taking oxandrolone, with functional training and endurance reaching the peak two weeks later.
    A few words about the HGH. It is also used, but the athlete must make sure that he does not even have a hint of a predisposition to oncology and also not to overdo it with dosages, 4 IU per day is enough. It is also a useful remedy for post-injury injuries.