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    I just tried clarity for the first time and I can honestly say it’s the best I’ve tried yet! I’m super impressed and I won’t be shopping any where else. Best gear around


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      Another order filled w/ Clairty. List to order to payment same day, label the following in my hands at 4 days.


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        How is the quality with the Tren?


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          First time using clarity/ordering from them and he walked me through step by step how it works and got it figured out. Definitely will be coming back in the future with all my business!


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            Clarity has the highest quality and the best prices Ive seen yet, not to mention their customer service is on point. I got the tren and had it tested and the guy said it’s the strongest he’s seen yet. If you try them once I guarantee, you’ll never go anywhere else again.


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              Clarity was super fast and was patient answering a few questions and walking me through the purchasing process. Great business!


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                Just got my first order today, only took 7 days. Great packaging and discreet. Pinned tonight so I'm ready to start training. Will update in a month to state gains...


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                  Originally posted by Clarity View Post
                  Clarity list

                  US domestic with lighting fast shipping

                  [email protected]


                  [email protected]

                  Payment options - western union, Walmart to Walmart, cash app (for return customers) ,cash in mail or bitcoins $200 min order

                  Most Orders ship within 24 hours of payment arrival. VERY FAST T/A!! Orders are shipped priority with tracking. Shipping charge is $15.

                  All oils made with MCT oil as carrier oil, no eo or guaiacol.

                  Test p 100mg. $30

                  Test e 250mg. $40

                  Test c 250mg. $40

                  Test e & c blend 400mg. $55

                  Sustanon 250mg. $45

                  Tren a 100mg. $45

                  Tren E 200mg. $65

                  NPP 100mg $35

                  Deca 250mg. $45

                  EQ 250mg. $45

                  Mast p 100mg $45

                  Mast e 200mg. $65

                  Oral pressed tablets

                  Dbol 25mg x 100. $85

                  Anadrol 25mg x 100. $85

                  Winstrol 25mg x 100. $85

                  Turinabol 25mg x 100. $90

                  Anavar 25mg x 100. $110.

                  Proviron 25mg x 100. $95

                  Letro 2.5mg x 50 $45

                  Arimidex 1mg x 50 $45

                  Armosin 25mg x 50 $55

                  Cialis 30mg x 50 $45

                  Viagra 25mg x 50 $45

                  Nolvadex 20mg x 50 $45

                  Clomid 40mg x 50 $45
                  do you have any vial pic of tren A?


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                    Put an order in in Thursday and received it the following Monday. These guys are great, good quality no bullshit... Thanks Clarity


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                      Been using clarity for over a year now, and its legit. You get your tracking number almost immediately and the shipping is faster than anywhere else ive tried. Ill be staying with them for long time to come.