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    Hi, everybody!

    We just created our section here, so I'd like to say a couple of words the products we offer. We started a couple of years ago with selling only Chinese brands: Jintropin, Ansomone and Qitrope. Later we managed to enlarge our product range with Genotropin 36iu pens by Phizer and Somagen Aqua 45iu pens by Novector Labs (Thaiger pharma subsidairy) from India.

    Cooperating directly with distributors we offer great prices. What is more no hidden payments (such a shipping fee) will appear when you're placing your order.

    The regular prices are as per below:
    Jintropin 10iu No20 = 500usd (for 200iu kit)
    Qitrope 10iu No10 = 155usd (for 100iu kit)
    Ansomone 10iu No10 = not available now
    Genotropin 36iu pen = 150usd
    Somagen Aqua 45iu pen = 135usd

    Due to the fact that we are newbies here, we'd like to offer additional __15%__OFF__ for any items for the community members during February.

    Those, who leave a review about their experience with us, will be offered an additional discount for the next order.

    We accept Western Union, MoneyGram and Bitcoin payment. Mind, please, the min order possible is 200usd or more.

    Do not hesitate to ask me any questions here or via PM)

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    sup brother good to have you.


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      How long is the shipping time?


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        T/A for the US customers is 9-12 days.