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Human Growth Hormone. Secrets of human heredity

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  • Human Growth Hormone. Secrets of human heredity

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    The book "Secrets of Endocrinology" tells about the famous giants and dwarfs, as well as gives interesting peculiar "records" associated with the smallest and largest growth in the world. The tallest man in the second half of the 20th century was a native of Elton in Illinois, American Robert Wadlow. At 22, his height was 286 cm, and weight - 1200 kg. Robert, with nickname the "Elton Giant," was almost twice as high as all members of his family. Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short due to a transient disease.

    The tallest woman was Zeng Zin La (China). Her height in 1982 reached 244 cm.

    Men below 130 cm and women below 120 cm are considered to be dwarfs. For every 15 000 inhabitants of our planet there is one dwarf, according to statistics. One of the smallest women in the world was Pauline Masters from the Netherlands. In 1895, at the age of 19, her height was 60 cm. The Mexican Lucia Zarata, born in the second half of the 19th century, holds the record of dwarfism. Her height was only 20 inches, that is around 51 centimeters! The smallest man is the American Calvin Phillips, whose height in 1812 was 57 cm.

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