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GROWTH HORMONE allowes to shed TWO epigenetic years

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  • GROWTH HORMONE allowes to shed TWO epigenetic years

    In one study by scientists from the United States and Canada nine men took a mixture of growth hormone and antidiabetic drugs for two years. They finally were looking 2 years "younger" by epigenetic hours. The results of the experiment were published on the pages of Aging Cell.

    Gregory Fahy, a senior fellow worker at Intervene Immune in Los Angeles, and his colleagues set out to test the effects of growth hormone on the thymus. To avoid side effects, two antidiabetic drugs were included in the experiment: dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and metformin. For two years, nine men aged from 51 to 65 took a “cocktail” of pills, tested blood and were studied with MRI. The scientists calculated epigenetic clocks on four different DNA tags from blood samples.

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