The purpose of this article was to determine the effect of GH when used for the treatment of burns and donor sites of skin grafts, and also to determine its safety in comparison with other treatment methods.

A burn that affects more than 40% of the total body surface area affects the entire body. The metabolic rate (metabolism) increases in people with such large burns, which is expressed by a higher heart rate. This state of increased metabolism is called hypermetabolism. Hypermetabolism consumes a large amount of energy. Part of this energy is produced due to the breakdown of the patient’s own muscles, which leads to exhaustion.

This breakdown of tissues into smaller molecules to release energy is called catabolism. However, such catabolism does not provide enough energy for the hypermetabolic state. This lack of energy and building molecules leads to prolonged healing of burns and a donor skin site. In children, this deficiency also leads to growth retardation. This catabolic condition can be treated with anabolic agents that stop protein breakdown. One of the anabolic agents recommended for this method of treatment is recombinant growth hormone.

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