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ZPtropin – high quality GH with minimum side effects & maximum results

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  • ZPtropin – high quality GH with minimum side effects & maximum results

    The Growth Hormone ZPtropin is produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., which has managed not only to loudly declare itself on the sports pharmaceutical market over the past two years, but also to break out into the leaders, both in the CIS countries and in Europe.

    The main advantages of ZPtropin:

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    Zptropin is prescribed for growth hormone deficiency and growth retardation of various genesis in adults and children. But the list of its applications doesn't end there, it is also used for:
    • Fat burning. The drug is very effective for weight loss, because it slows down lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis.
    • Sports and anabolic goals. Growth hormone and its metabolites (mechanical growth factor and insulin-like growth factor-1) effectively restore muscles, causing their rapid growth, as well as form new muscle cells, thereby achieving an increase in strength indicators (explosive strength and strength endurance).
    • Anti-aging therapy. Acceleration of regeneration and stimulation of metabolism leads to recovery of the body, strengthening of the cardiovascular system and immunity. Increased collagen production improves the skin's condition, making it more elastic, and reduces the number of wrinkles. A number of studies also prove that growth hormone improves calcium metabolism in the body and stimulates the formation of new bone tissues.
    • Memory improvement. It has been proven that the ability to process information and memory improves when taking growth hormone.
    Recommendations for use:

    Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections are allowed. Since the half-life of the drug does not exceed five hours, injections should be carried out daily or once in two days if you can't do 2-3 injections per day.

    In order to restore joints, ligaments and skin, dosages of 3-5 IU of ZPtropin per day are sufficient. The duration of the course should be at least 30 days (recommended 3 - 6 months).

    GH for muscle mass gain involves a daily administration in a dosage of 5-12 IU. The dosages over 15 IU are usually combined with insulin to minimize the load on the pancreas (2-5 units of insulin before each meal). Such high dosages with prolonged use can lead to growth of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, and as a result, protrusion of the abdomen, so we do not recommend using dosages of more than 15 IU per day for more than 3 months.

    To achieve the fat-burning effect of somatotropin, dosages range from 5 IU - 10 IU per day (half or a whole bottle daily) for 2-6 months.

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