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    I had to post this because i just finished a run of PCT test prop 100mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday tren ace 100mg Monday, Wednesday and Friday npp 100mgp Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 50 mgs of dbol a day. Im never competing again ever but if I keep this up Im going to end up looking the same. Im so big, so strong and my body fat is between 6-8%.
    I dont do this for PCT for money, I do not get any, I get free products but if the product was garbage no way in the would would i be endorsing it.
    I tried alot of brands that were garbage. I used anabolic drugs from 1990-1999 straight. Took just about every drug you can think of in that time. So, i do not need a
    lab test or blood test to know something is not right. I did get a blood test once because I knew the stuff was way under dosed. I needed something to show him. I was using what was supposed to be 1000mgs of test Enanthate a week. Took the blood test about 4 and a half weeks in. It came back at 1146  total testosterone. I have a friend whose test level is over 900 naturally. That is ridiculous. I sent it to him, he made a million excuses and sent me 5 bottles for free. I still have them, Ill never use that shit again.

    PCT is either right on the money, over dosed or if its at all under it is barely under. I have used so many of his products now I can not complain about one.

    Those are pictures from 1993 and 1999. Not sure if i wanted to if I could get all the way back at 47. The way its going i could come damn close.

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    your damn close to the way you looked over 20 years ago? pics or it didn't happen. :D


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      Originally posted by Bouncer View Post
      your damn close to the way you looked over 20 years ago? pics or it didn't happen. :D
      I wouldn't say Im close but Im getting there and if I pushed it and wanted to I really think no more than another year I would be very close. Im to the point where I don't look normal anymore , I cant train in anything but a very big sweatshirt or I have a gym full of guys(cool if it was women, lol) but guys staring at me. Its because they have never seen anything like it. The gyms I go to, i don't know if Im going to tbe wrong ines, but I have never seen anyone who remotely impresses me.
      When I was competing ehete I started, someone who looked like I do now was no big deal. I mean when your training next to Rich Gaspari, Beau Matlock, Jason Arntz, Guy Ducasse, i could keep going. Plus guys who did not compete but just looked like freaks anyway you do not get much attention no matter what.
      I have had the thought a few times if the Masters Nationals , I would be 49, probably, by the time I thought I was ready for that. But, I did not quit when I wanted to. I quit because I had to. So, going out on my own terms could be cool. Well see the inly way I would do it is if I thought I was actually looking good enough to have a good chance to win. Otherwise , I have done enough contests. To just go through all that to just get on stage one more time makes little sense. I have always ate right, my body fat never goes above 8% or so, I always trained right, what made the difference was , finally , finding a place who provided consistent products and I did not have to worry about what I had being half dosed.
      Anyone who wants to make sure Im not posting fake pictures just do a reverse search, you will find those pictures no where but here.
      But, those are all the pictures I have left. All the fest from 1990-99 got thrown out, not by me. I had pictures too of an overall comparison with Victor Martinez that were really cool. It was his first contest . Of course he won it the overall.

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