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Phase 1: How to turn pro or how to create a massive physique

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  • Phase 1: How to turn pro or how to create a massive physique

    Phase 1 of 4

    What’s up guys I’ve been getting this question a lot a lot more than usual how can I turn pro or just reach my goal of having a massive physique well I’m going to help and show you what it takes to creat a massive physique that demands attention where ever you go. Now mind you a lot of it has to to do with genetic response to the drugs as well as training and food but you can still get massive even with sub par genetics.

    1.your job is important(income)without it there is no bodybuilding the type of job you have needs to let you eat your meals on time if that’s a problem find another job I’m serious

    2.start this program when your lean if your above 15% body fat get lean first. 10% and lower period!

    3.when your main goal is to grow lean and massive only 6 compounds are used testosterone nandrolone hgh insulin Dbol anadrol that’s don’t need tren or any exotic compounds you can use equipoise instead of nandrolone but it won’t be the same need to devote 6 months to this off season growth period if you can’t forget it!

    for advanced users only that have reached nationals or have been doing this for 10+ years


    -phase 1. Weeks 1-6


    1,000mg testosterone cypionate or enanthate

    500mg nandrolone decanoate

    50mg Dbol

    4iu hgh

    no insulin

    no ai yet

    -Wake up 4iu hgh 10g bcaa 20min cardio 100mcg t-4

    45 min after hgh shot eat meal 1

    Meal 1 2cups liquid egg whites 100g cream rice 50mg Dbol

    -45min to 1hr after meal 1 go train

    -Train for 60min max get in hit it heavy as possible leave everything at the gym and get the hell out

    -Post work out shake-75g carbs from dextrose or your preferred carb 10g creatine 10g lucine 10g glutamine

    1hr after shake eat meal 2. Same as meal 1

    Meal 3 8oz cooked chicken 1.5 cup rice

    Meal 4 8 oz 93% lean ground beef 1 cup rice 1cup veggies

    Meal 5. 8oz cooked chicken 1 cup rice 1cup veggies

    Meal 6. 3 scoops whey iso 1tbl Mac oil

    Go to bed

    Phase 2 will come out i can go over some training for mass as well

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    Also if may add get your self a good multivitamin and digestive enzyme with the amount of food you will need it