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How to fix squat depth issues

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  • How to fix squat depth issues

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    Canít squat deep? Have you checked your ankles with this test? It could be from limited ankle dorsiflexion (toes going up)! If we donít have adequate ankle mobility then our squat will suffer and we wonít be able to get any deeper! Here is a test that you can do to see if you have poor ankle mobility with a squat. Perform a regular squat to assess your depth, then put an object around an inch thick under your heels and squat again. If you go deeper and stay more upright with an object under your heels then you are limited in ankle dorsiflexion. Here is one way to begin addressing this and improving your squat!
    1️⃣ Weighted tri-planar mobilization: grab a weight and rest it on your knee. Now using the weight, push your knee as far forward as you can in 3 different directions!inwards, straight, and outwards. This helps mobilize the ankle joint and calf in all directions to help achieve greater ankle range of motion!
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