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Hurt Back? Here is some help.

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  • Hurt Back? Here is some help.

    Hurt your back? Can’t pick anything off the ground? Let’s fix it! A hip hinge is a fundamental movement used to help move through the hips instead of the low back to load the right areas more and the wrong areas less. Many people round through the low back and although this is no big deal most the time if you are going through an acute phase then this might not feel so good! Here we show a great way to learn how to hinge properly by using a band for some feedback. Every individual I work with learns how to hinge.
    1️⃣ Throw a band under your feet, cross it behind your back, and pull over your shoulders. Keep the back and legs straight with knees slightly bend and push the hips straight back. If you fee tension against your hips you are doing it right, if it’s against your back you are doing it wrong! This is a great way to rehab your low back and protect it while picking things up.
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