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Medicine Ball Chest - Squeezing Push Up

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  • Medicine Ball Chest - Squeezing Push Up

    Medicine Ball Chest-Squeezing Push-Up – If you have trouble feeling your pecs contract during push-ups, your mechanics are in need of some work. Proper technique will help maximize chest activation. However, some people may simply lack the appropriate muscle-mind connection and may need a variation to help wake up the appropriate neural connections to the pectorals. This variation provides the perfect solution.
    Rather than putting your hands directly on top of the ball, position them on the sides of the ball, closer to the base. This requires incredible levels of pec activation throughout because you're essentially holding a maximal tension isometric flye while doing push-ups. Although this can be done on a Swiss ball, the smaller medicine ball helps to keep the elbows from flaring out too much. It's also nearly impossible to lock out on this, which makes it useful for eliminating excessive scapular protraction at the top.
    Besides being great for hypertrophy, this variation teaches you what it feels like to create strong pectoral activation when performing push-ups. If this doesn't get your chest screaming, nothing will.
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