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    Training volume is considered the main driver of muscle growth [1]. Within certain boundaries, volume can be defined as the total number of challenging sets per muscle group per week. A 2018 research review shows that as long as you train in a rep range between 6 and 20 reps and you train close to failure, every set has a similar muscle-building effect [2]
    Recent research shows that there's a dose-response relationship between volume and muscle growth [3]. This means that, up to a certain point, more volume results in more muscle growth.
    But this doesn't mean that you can increase volume forever and expect greater muscle growth. If you train with more volume than you can recover from, eventually your gains will suffer [4]. As a starting point for most lifters, I like to use the volume recommendations that you can see on the third slide of this post.
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    Yeah, seems to be a real thin line. And again, one can't express enough how important a solid diet and proper rest is needed.