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Why We Eat? More than just Food.

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  • Why We Eat? More than just Food.

    We eat food to fuel physical activity and life. But in this day and age, it's no longer realistic to look at food solely as "fuel" for the body. Food is also part of most cultures and people's social life [1]. To put it in technical terms, we eat food for physiological and psychosocial reasons [2, 3]. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate, but it's certainly important to acknowledge.
    This is why a diet that on paper is "optimal" for producing fat loss may not be the best diet for you. If you can't stick to a certain nutrition approach because of your lifestyle, you won't be able achieve the benefits. How well you can stick to your diet is one of the best predictors of fat loss success [4].
    So consider your individual lifestyle factors (like time availability, stress, social life, career etc.) when designing a fat loss diet that puts you in a calorie deficit. There is no 1 "best approach" here. A nutrition approach that's sustainable for someone that works 9-5 may be terribly impractical for someone working night shifts.
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