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WOW! Price Reduced on Eurotropin HGH.

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  • WOW! Price Reduced on Eurotropin HGH.

    RP-HPLC & SEC-HPLC analysis of Eurotropin HGH
    "High-performance liquid chromatography"

    We have had a certain request come up several times since our release of EP Eurotropin HGH 191aa In regards to a private unbiased testing facility
    to share their thoughts and testing results on Eurotropin with the concept of test randomization of products submitted by a customer/client..

    Recently we've have the opportunity to sit together with some some campaigners that represent the populace of board members being the voice or the ambassador for
    clients and potential customers in the AAS/HGH market as their mission is to randomly test,
    expose and provide factual unbiased testing results of AAS/HGH products that are offered by numerous vendors across the internet panels..

    All testing material has been submitted by forum member's, and tested at random..

    With this said, your confidence can be reinstated, with a piece of mind that Euro-Pharmamacies
    compounding/manufacturing will meet the standard requirements

    as we've already implemented from day one comprehensive,
    modern quality systems and risk management approaches that exceed these minimum standards in-order to provide our customers and
    clients with the products that they need and expect,
    exceeding their expectations with the finest quality HGH on the market.

    Below is the the final test conclusion and rest assure that the reliability and/or validity of a test is 100% genuine and authentic!

    (Below is some HGH serum samples posted by community members, all tests were made by the individuals on their own examination,
    all test subjects are unbiased and conducted their own investigative reading)

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    Euro-Pharmacies HGH from PSL.

    Eurotropin HGH - 191aa


    Condition: New product

    Supplier: Euro-pharmacies,Europe
    Chemical Name:Somatropinum
    Comes In: 10IU vial(3.3mg)
    Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily
    Active time: Varies by injection method
    Class:Growth Hormone
    Shipping from Europe

    HGH(human grow hormone) or RHGH(Recombinant human grow hormone) is a human growth hormone (HGH) produced with recombinant DNA technlolgy. HGH is a highly purified protein with 191 amino acid residues. The amino acid sequence of the product is identical to that of pituitary-derived human growth hormone. Biological potency is determined using a cell proliferation bioassay.

    HGH: regulate the metabolism, stimulate the function of protein synthesis and fat breakdown, For dwarfism caused by grow hormone secretion, wound healing, to promote bone and muscle growth. With age grow, the body's own grow hormone secretion decreased by 70%,. Therefore, exogenous human grow hormone can restore youthful vigor and improve people's immunity, health , beauty and body building.

    Human growth hormone (HGH) has been called a miracle anti-aging drug -- it's widely used in alternative clinics for the elderly as a means of rejuvenation. Human growth hormone is an effective anti-ageing drug due to its ability to return an adult's hormone levels to those of their youth.

    HGH is indicated for the long-term treatment of growth failure due to the lack of adequate endogenous GH secretion, growth failure associated with chronic renal insufficiency up to the time of renal transplantation, short stature associated with Turner syndrome, and endogenous GH in patients with adult GH deficiency. HGH is also indicated for the treatment of those who are in severe catabolic states such as surgery, trauma, burns, organ failure or cancer, to promote the protein synthesis. HGH is also indicated for the treatment of the congestive heart failure

    The following are the benefits of HGH:

    -Increase in energy level and sexual function takes place.

    - It controls the cholesterol level inside the body. So unwanted cholesterols are also removed from the body.

    - Restorations take place to its normal size in liver, pancreas, heart and other organs.

    - Improvement on vision and memory.

    - It controls blood pressure and brings to normal level.- The important thing is wrinkles will be formed as age increases but this HGH completely reduces the wrinkles.

    - Fats are decreased inside the body. Unwanted fats are removed and allow only the required amount of fats.

    - It generates lot of proteins and hence muscle mass restores wherever necessary.

    - Lost hair restoration takes place which means hair growth occurs in the place where it is not found.

    - Hair color turns into its normal color.

    - Stamina and immunity power increases in which WBC also increases inside the blood.

    Human Growth Hormones reacts in both male and female where mostly people who are more than 40 years can use this Human Growth Hormone to obtain a better result.

    Regular Price $200 reduced to $180
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