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  • Renegade Labs List!

    Renegade labs

    No Minimum!!!

    [email protected]

    Payments accepted by Bitcoin

    $20 flat rate USPS Priority shipping

    USA Domestic HGH(2 Day Priority Shipping)

    100IU Gold Top Kits-$200(Latest Test was at 38 on Bloods)

    126IU USA Pharma Authenticated Serostim-$675

    AMG Performance Group Injectables(MCT Oil)

    Test E 300-$40

    Test e 400-$45

    Test C 300-$40

    Test Sust 300-$40

    Test Sust 400-$45

    Test P 100-$30

    Tren A 100-$55

    Tren E 200-$60

    Mast P 100-$55

    Mast E 200-$60

    Npp 100-$40

    Deca 300-$55

    EQ 300-$55

    Primo 100-$75

    Ment 75-$90

    Pinnacle Orals (All Tablets)

    Anavar 50 Tabs 50mgs-$75

    Winstrol 50 Tabs 50mgs-$70

    Dbol 50 Tabs 50mgs-$70

    Anadrol 50 Tabs 100mgs-$70

    Tbol 50 Tabs 50mgs-$75

    Superdrol 50 Tabs 25mgs-$75

    Halo 50 Tabs 20mgs-$100(Out of Stock)

    Proviron 50 Tabs 50mgs-$75

    Arimidex 50 Tabs 1mg-$70

    Aromasin 50 Tabs 25mgs-$75

    Letro 50 Tabs 2.5mgs-$70

    Clomid 50 Tabs 50mgs-$60

    Nolva 50 Tabs 20mgs-$60

    Clen 50 Tabs 40mcg-$75

    T3 50 Tabs 50mcg-$75

    Pornstar viagra/dapoxetene 30 pills 100mgs/60mgs-$50

    USA Domestic Peptides(We have access to more Peptides that aren't listed, Inquire if interested)

    5000IU HCG-$35

    75IU HMG-$50

    5mg HGH Frag 176-191-$45

    1mg IGF-1 LR3-$75

    10mg Melanotan ll-$50

    10mg Ipamorelin-$60

    5mg GHRP-2-$30

    5mg GHRP-6-$30

    5mg Hexarelin-$35

    2mg MGF-$30

    2mg MGF Peg-$30

    2mg Selank-$35

    10mg TB500-$75

    5mg BPC-157-$60
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    We have Cialis 20mgs x 50ct $50


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      How do you store and transport your peptides?


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        Originally posted by AvidFisherman View Post
        How do you store and transport your peptides?
        you have a pm!


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          These guys are top notch, using their gh right now.


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            What made you say that?


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              Originally posted by sure-shot View Post
              What made you say that?
              b-boy is an Ifbb Pro bodybuilder & is one of our long time customers.


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                I will stick to my tried and trusted sources


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                  Originally posted by sure-shot View Post
                  I will stick to my tried and trusted sources
                  That’s fine bro, do what you think is best for you.

                  You asked a question & I answered it.


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                    Nice list!


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                      Loving the AMG primo and Pinnacle anavar.

                      (same waybigger from PM)
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                        I use the AMG test E 300 & the AMG EQ & well as the tbol, in fact getting ready to add the pinnacle tbol back in.


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                          Originally posted by sure-shot View Post
                          I will stick to my tried and trusted sources
                          They are tried and TRUE Bro.. Only newer to this specific forum. Renegade as legit as it comes. <3 Been using their gear and hgh both exclusively for over a year now.. Awesome quality and I've been around myself 20+ years .You won't go wrong here. Much Love. God Bless


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                            Diesel pm sent!


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                              jhntruevine....thanks for all you do bro, hard working rep!