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INSUBOLIC : IGF-1 (Recombinant Human IGF-1)

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    Test E - 500mg/wk
    Primo E 500mg/wk
    Qtropin HGH - 4iu daily
    Insubolic RH-IGF-1 200mcg daily preworkout

    Cardio - 15min HIIT a few times a week just to keep heart and glucose healthy.
    Cycle started Dec 28th, starting weight 211,5lb, as of Feb 8th : 224.2lbs = + 13 lb.

    P.S. From what I see, with 13 lb added in 6 weeks, the waist got tighter, that's exactly what the athlete said as well: "I noticed my pants felt looser than prior in the waist. Thought I'd be down for the week in weight and would need to raise calories. Instead I was up 1.5lbs"

    IGF-1 is helping to gain leaner mass here, especially, seeing that the athlete does 15 min cardio just a few times a week.

    Progressing with lower AAS dosages. That's another benefit of using RH IGF-1. Instead of increasing your AAS dosages, you may just add 200 mcg/day.

    Lower HGH dosages or no HGH at all. Lots of athletes use 6 IU's of HGH +, + slin. HGH at high dosage almost guarantees water retention, increased blood glucose (lowered insulin sensitivity). Most athletes can run HGH at lower dosages, and avoid using slin.



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      Originally posted by Marshall1019 View Post
      Okay RS, I have a question about the insubolic. (I am green in this department so bare with me.but trying to learn) when taking HGH, it converts to IGF-1 in the liver after injecting, so why take IGF-1 while taking HGH at the same time? I'm sure there is a purpose but help me understand. Thanks in advance. roidsource
      HGH therapy reduce Insulin sensitivity, IGF-1 enhance insulin sensitivity, both medications promote protein anabolism, lipolysis and lipid oxidation and reduce protein oxidation by different mechanism. The study suggests that combined use of IGF-1 and HGH has great potential and synergistic effect.

      Insulin-like growth factor-I ( IGF-I) is considered to be the mediator of the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone ( GH). The metabolic effects of these two hormones, however, are different. Whereas GH treatment leads to elevated insulin and glucose levels, reduced insulin sensitivity, and impaired glucose tolerance, IGF-1 treatment leads to reduced insulin and GH levels and enhanced Insulin sensitivity. IGF-I may, therefore, not only be the mediator of the growth-promoting effects of GH but also a modulator of the effects of GH on insulin action and glucose metabolism. To study the influence of GH and IGF-I on substrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity (assessed by euglycemic, hyper-insulinemic clamping combined with indirect calorimetry and glucose tracer infusion), we have treat. eight GH-deficient adults with GH (2 IU/m. daily subcutaneously fs.c.)), 1GF-1 (10 mcg/kg • h s.c.), or both hormones together for 7 d, respectively, and compared the effects of these treatment regimens
      with a control phase. Our findings suggest that (a) both GH and IGF-I promote lipolysis and lipid oxidation, albeit by different mechanisms; (b ) treatment with either hormone is followed by enhanced energy expenditure and reduced protein oxidation; and (e) IGF-I reverses the insulin resistance induced by GH. (J. Clin. Invest. 1994.94:1126-1133.)

      Effects of GH and IGF-1 on protein oxidation.
      Reduction of protein oxidation, i.e., of proteolysis, was observed under IGF-I as well as GH treatment. When both hormones were given together, the effects of IGF-I and GH were additive. These findimgs support those of a previous report also showing that anabolism may be stimulated to a greater extent by treatment with GH and IGF-I together than by either hormone alone (40). Moreover, insulin-like properties of IGF-I 30) and the fact that IGF-I increases insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscle may allow us to preserve normal glucose tolerance when GH and IGF-I stimulate protein anabolism in a concerted fashion.

      In conclusion, our results show that IGF-I per se is a potent anticatabolic agent (as in regard to protein metabolism) leading by way of partial inhibition of insulin secretion to increased lipolysis and fat oxidation. These effects of IGF-I are indepenedent of the inhibitory effect on growth hormone secretion. All these effects of IGF-1 are, however, synergistic to those of GH, which stimulates lipolysis and possibly protein anabolism through mechanisms different from those of IGF-1. In the case of simultaneous administration of GH and IGF-1, insulin levels lie between those attained by IGF-I treatment alone and those observed during GH treatment. Since insulin is an important anabolic hormone (41), it is conceivable that in situations of severe catabolism a combination of GH and IGF-I together will turn out to give the best results with regard to anticatabolism and anabolism (40).


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        As a side note, there're people who use HGH and feel great : no water retention (BTW, fluids can be retained in many organs, including prostate), no increased HR, normal BG etc. But there're some, I'd say many, who want to benefit from IGF-1, but the side effect outweigh the benefits. With IGF-1 I have 0 water retention, my HR is normal, I don't feel sleepy all day, my endurance is better. With HGH + IGF-1 you get the best of both meds, just look at the chart above, the combo has been clinically studied and proven to be synergistic.


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          Good evening Ladies and Gents,

          I often spend time researching scientific data on rhGH and rhIGF-1 combination therapy.
          Came across this study today :

          " Group 3 (IGF-1+HGH) had the greatest changes in lean body mass (mean +/- SE, 3.2 +/- 0.59 kg; P < 0.001)"
          This feedback supports the studies you can easily find by googling : "rhGH and rhIGF-1 Combination Therapy" If you find something interesting, please, share.
          Hey RS,

          I’m really liking this Qtropin and Insubolic stack! This is quality clean stuff bro. Now I see why it’s $140 per 5ml. The packet was still cold when I opened it to. That’s the first time I’ve had it come with the cold packet. That was legit.

          I usually pay $245 for 280 iu. But I have to take 10 iu a day to get same effects as what I get when I take 6 iu’s of Qtropin and 3 of Insubolic pre workout. It’s still 9 iu’s of growth but the two together are much stronger and produce much cleaner results. I not only feel better but I look better to.

          I’m glad I found you bro. This is a game changer for me. I haven’t had legit pharma grade like hgh for over 2 years.




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            In the past i use alot IGF Lr3 but nothing comes even close to this Insubolic . I have the most insane pumps of my life .


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