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IGF-1 LR3 and IGF-1 DES Peptides Thoughts

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  • IGF-1 LR3 and IGF-1 DES Peptides Thoughts

    Dear ladies and gents,

    Gonna be sharing my thoughts on IGF-1 LR3/DES.

    Many websites selling IGF-1 LR3/DES peptides are referring to SIGMA Aldrich/Repligen websites :
    "LONGŪ R3 IGF-I is a recombinant analog of human insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) that has been specifically engineered for the enhancement of cell culture performance. It is more biologically potent in vitro than either insulin or native IGF-I and has been shown to significantly increase recombinant protein production. It is ideal for both research and large-scale culture systems utilizing serum-free or low-level serum applications"

    Repligen :

    "LONGŪR3 IGF-I is a critically important mitogenic growth factor often used in mammalian cell culture to increase yield significantly."

    "More biologically potent in vitro than either insulin or native IGF-I"

    In vitro! This is what SOME igf-1 Lr3/Des PEPTIDE vendors forget to mention... IGF-1 LR3 is superior to IGF-1 when it comes to IN VITRO RESEARCH, we can simply call it a better reagent for certain laboratory applications. It may be performing better in a "tube" does it work the same IN VIVO???
    Have you seen a single study done on HUMANS with IGF-1 LR3/DES? Try googling it and feel free to post a link to the study here.

    Sold to athletes as a more potent version of Recombinant Human IGF-1 = The Perfect Snake oil.
    Why? It won't raise your IGF-1 levels, it can't be detected in your blood sample. Not a single blood test done by anyone using IGF-1 LR3 proven the opposite. The molecule is different, the lab equipment used to detect IGF-1 won't detect IGF-1 LR3/DES. So the peptide you get can be anything.

    If IGF-1 LR3/DES works, what's the mechanism of action in human body?
    Recombinant Human IGF-1 binds to IGF-1 and Insulin receptors. If the molecule is different from the RH IGF-1, will IGF-1 LR3/DES bind to the same receptors? FYI : IGF-1 LR3 = 83 Amino acids, IGF-1 = 70 AA. Can 2 different keys gain access the same lock?

    Antibodies? Let's not forget that IGF-1 LR3 peptide doesn't resemble any protein/molecule produced by our body. We all remember the rumor that some "Chinese" factories were selling 192 AA instead of 191 AA (HGH) which the community believe led to the red welts. It's a common sense, you don't want to inject something that our body can reject. IGF-1 LR3 (83 AA) is that 192 AA, if you don't get the red welts, it doesn't mean your body doesn't waste it's resources on producing antibodies and fighting the "Intruder Growth Factor LR3". Weakened immune system is one of the consequences of these experiments. Yet not a single research can confirm the statement is wrong.

    To sum it up :
    • The mechanism of action of IGF-1 LR3/DES peptides in human body : UNKNOWN.
    • Detectable in blood? No.
    • Effectiveness: Yet to be proven.
    • Safety: Yet to be studied.
    • Antibodies?: Yet to be studied.
    • Created for In vitro research and marketed as such by Repligen/Sigma Aldrich.
      No Human/Pharma Grade version of the substance exists.

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    Gents, Happy Friday. =)

    Came across this post this morning :
    "The Inclelex is indicated for certain types of Dwarfism, for athletic/anti-aging purposes the IGF1-lr3 is more suited, and indeed the FDA approved IGF1-lr3 for anti-aging purposes. The dosages of different peptide hormones (such as GH and IGF) are indicated per body weight. The IGF1-lr3 is much more cost effective in this regard, and this is certainly something to consider when we refer to patients (that unlike Dwarf childs) may weight well over 200lbs"

    I can't post on the forum where I found this msg yet, but I'll will soon =) So as a part of me spreading awareness among athletes gonna comment it on this forum.

    1) "for athletic/anti-aging purposes the IGF1-lr3 is more suited"
    No. IGF-1 LR3/Des are for the lab use. It's a never researched "for human use" chemicals, with 100% UNKNOWN pharmacokinetics which means nobody knows how this substance work if injected into human body and nobody knows an outcome of a long term use of these chemicals. It's effectiveness has never been proven not to mention the safety.

    2) "indeed the FDA approved IGF1-lr3 for anti-aging purpose"
    There's no such thing as FDA approved IGF-1 lr3/Des. Anti-aging purposes? YES, you may not get old if you use them. Live fast die young.

    3) Treating Dwarfism and bodybuilding are two different things. Do bodybuilders want to make their bones grow? No, but children with Dwarfism do. This explains difference in dosages.



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      Patrick Arnold : I think the biggest waste of money is this IGF LR3.

      Posted a transcript of the podcast on our forum. Go check it out.


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        I can tell i alredy use alot of IGF Lr3 before , from Enhanced Athlete , Magnus , and many others and when i start using INSUBOLIC i fell something i never fell in 24 years of training . INSANE pumps , gaining size and weight in 3 days . Maybe we find something close to increlex and super low price


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          What's Increlex? It's Recombinant Human IGF-1, what's Insubolic? It's Recombinant Human IGF-1 =)


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            Originally posted by roidsource View Post
            What's Increlex? It's Recombinant Human IGF-1, what's Insubolic? It's Recombinant Human IGF-1 =)
            Damm this is great news , and now i understand why i got so quick results using it . Do you ever train back and you have to stop on 3 exercise because you are so pumped and is a hard pump , you look like a rock . Now i have no reason to grow more