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  • New Raw Manufacture

    We are pleased to announce that we have changed our RAW Manufacture per Monday 4/8/19. Reasons being, we were not completely satisfied anymore with thier products, we were ordering several hundred grams of RAW, we noticed they started to not be the correct weight, 20 grams light here and there, we also noticed the melting points varied for the raws, just a bit here and there with discrepancies. It seemed like the quality was not up to par. I asked some top suppliers who they recommend, so I decided to change ASAP.

    So now we are using raws from SRHealthTech, we are completely satisfied and happy with the results. We just brewed some products, and everything is completely back to once we started from.

    We donít hide anything, we want the best products in order to provide all members with the best products. We aim to please and will go to the extreme to satisfy each member

    Bottom line is, the big dog is back on track, we have brand new spanking top line gear available in 10 and 20ml vials with both flip top caps and screw down air tight caps, we added the screw down simply because we want to always over fill the 20ml to 22ml. To give a bit more over fill for each order.

    Now with that being said, we are fully stocked with pip free gear. Our BA content is consistently at (2) percent or lower. All products are available for your pleasure. Weíre definitely not making excuses, we are correcting a minor problem that could have gotten worse..

    I assure you, you wonít be disappointed. We have had several orders this week and all packages were received except the 2 that went out on Wednesday, I keep track by the tracking number we send with each order. Iím thorough.

    I run a professional tight ship, and we will continue to do our personal best to accommodate and satisfy each member, because we care..

    Letís just say all our products are dynamite...

    Enclosed pic of new batch of Testosterone Prop 100mg

    Enjoy everyone...
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    Iím simply saying we are professional and we set our standards high. They were fine, but we expected more. Nothing personal, a business move!

    Just letting everyone know we changed our previous manufacture to a better reputable one that was pointed our way.

    Weíre good to go...


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      We are updating our products website on our store, so you can either choose a flip off cap or a screw down cap for our 20ml vials for your choosing. Super Test is Available on both now, We are getting excellent reviews on both.

      Please note, all 10ml vials have FLIP OFF CAPS ONLY!

      The screw down is a thicker vial compared to the regular brittle standard one, it wonít break easily if u drop it, it holds 22ml of gear comfortably, itís air tight and completely injectable for your pleasure.

      Enjoy everyone


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        Iím definitely giving a huge thumbs up to SR HEALTH TECH, outstanding products, I believe there a sponsor here, services are impressive and we received some products (2) days in advance. Weíre very pleased with our results, everything is completely consistent, no variation, and to everyone that ordered per 4/8/19, we got excited and filled each vial to its capacity.

        Our 10ml will be normal around 12ml and our 20ml will be around 22ml respectfully.

        We aim to please and enjoy giving back because we care!

        Enjoy everyone...


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          Per 4/8/2019 to present we had 12 orders, all landed to their destination in great standing. 2/4 days arrived from each placed order. Iím thorough, I review each tracking number per order to view if package was delivered respectfully. We donít hide anything, we keep it real, weíre generous and look Out for all members because we care. We strive to accommodate and go above and beyond to satisfy each member!

          Enjoy everyone, we aim to please!

          Our secure website is up to date, and you wonít be disappointed.

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            Ok Iíve been getting a lot of pmís and e-mails regarding our 20ml vials.

            Here is the deal so itís NOT Confusing.

            Each 20ml vial product will have a FLIP-OFF CAP, only our SUPER TEST will have the option for either a Flip-off cap or a screw down cap which is on our website to purchase.

            Also, we are very impressed with our products, until further notice , when you buy (3) products of your choice we will throw in a extra vial of your choice.

            Basically purchase (3) products for a order, you will get any one product of ur choice for free, total (4) on us. :)

            Weíre fully stocked and will continue to strive for the best, weíre showing our gratitude and want to share the wealth!


            Enjoy everyone.


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              We just had (7) orders, each vial has 22ml in it, not 20!

              Just a bit extra for everyoneís pleasure.

              To all that ordered, everything is in the air per 11am EST, with a tracking number for you respectfully.

              You wonít be disappointed. Also, the person who ordered the Super Test 550mgs and 400mgs , we threw u a extra vial of 550mgs on us. Itís Easter!!



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                We are pleased and excited to announce our 20ml new Special Ordered vials can hold up to 25ml comfortably. Pic is on our website!

                Each 20ml vial of each product you order will have a minimum of 22ml per vial, a little bonus for each member...:)

                Please note:

                All 20ml vials Ordered will have the flip off cap, our Super Test will have both options, your pick, either flip-off, or screw down air tight respectfully. We aim to please, a lot of members enjoy both options, flip off or screw down! Please view our secure website. We have specials our website, and weíre fully stocked with top new batches of gear with our new Manufacturer.

                12 orders in one week, all accounted for, members fully received gear to thier destination 1/4 days thatís 100% delivered delivery! nothing but excellent reviews, one member received his gear on Tuesday 4/9/19, he sent us a email yesterday, he ordered our Super Test, his gains are outstanding, he put on 7lbs of muscle, no pip, whatsoever...

                He just ordered more. We share everything, and care, we donít hide anything, and make it pubic..

                Trust is earned, not given, we strive to be the best...

                Enjoy everyone, You wonít be disappointed

                Also, each 10ml vial always comes in a flip off cap...


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                  We personally wanted to thank everyone for their purchases orders on Easter Sunday, every 9 orders went out today, fully intact, including a tracking number, sent priority, and the the (2) customers that ordered just ONE product, we sent you (2). Our treat, an extra Easter egg for the holiday!

                  Our Super Test is fully in BOTH, Flip-off, and Screw down caps for you pleasure. Both are available on our website, and all vials are completely in 22ml in volume.

                  Enjoy everyone!!!

                  Our pics our on our website!



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                    Coming very soon, waiting for feedback on these products from some high rollers...

                    Megabol 300mg/ml only in 20ml vials.

                    Trenbolone Enanthate
                    Drostanolone Enanthate
                    Testosterone Enanthate

                    We put this product out 3 weeks ago, we got (6) positive responses out of ten so far, saying it kick ass, no pip, no issues. whatsoever!!