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  • Spring Special

    We will definitely share the wealth here, we will have a buy (2) Super Test 400 or 550mgs Special and the 3rd is on us!

    Ex: You buy (2) 20ml u get a 20ml, u buy (2) 10ml u get a 10ml and so on.

    It’s high on demand, we have moderaters, board owners on our exclusive Super Test Products and now we’re proudly endorsed by IFBB (International Federation Bodybuilders) because of our outstanding reviews, results, and dynamic gains respectfully.


    Our gear is made in a laboratory for a reason!

    We are very extremely proud to be apart of Superior Muscle to share the wealth and we’re generous and always look out and will go the extra mile to accommodate anyone!


    It’s only getting better!

    Delivery is averaging 2/4 days after payment, discreetly packaged and sent priority with a tracking number to your destination.

    Enjoy everyone, u won’t be disappointed!
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    9 orders, today this morning, all completely sent out! We aim to please! We don’t mess around!

    We satisfy every customer....

    Just getting better...


    Enjoy everyone!!!
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      For the entire month, buy (2) products and the third is on us with each order. Just trying to give back to the community.

      SPRING SALE...

      Enjoy everyone!!!
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        Yes sir, we don’t mess around! All business here.

        (8) orders per Monday, all confirmed delivered! USPS Tracking.

        We are having a special to show our gratitude and generosity on our Super Test Products! But (2) on each order, the third is on us.



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          Hope everyone had a outstanding mother’s day, all packages went out today, it would have been Saturday, I got a stomach ulser, throwing up blood.

          Saw a doctor, we’re good to go, everyone is accounted for!

          Enjoy everyone!!!


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            Just received confirmation by email from members and Tracking Number, Products mailed out Monday, already received today! We’re lightning fast!

            We have our Specials up and running on our secure website, we have a store, and absolutely no complaints whatsoever! We have repeated customers inquiring on more! Just saying. Quality

            We’re also a proud member of IFBB (International Federation Bodybuilders). That speaks volume itself. Real-Deal!

            We provide 10 and 20ml vials, our Super Test 550mgs is popping.


            Our delivery time is averaging 1/4 days after payment is received, all packages are sent priority, discreet, with a tracking number and insured!


            You won’t be disappointed!

            Enjoy everyone, we aim to please.


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              All (8) orders/packages are going out tomorrow morning, And yes to answer any questions, to all the pm and emails, our exclusive Super Test 550mg 20ml Special will continue to run until further notice.


              Enjoy everyone...


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                Yes our Specials are buy (2) Super Test 550mgs 10 or 20ml vials, get (1) for free!

                Pm us, email us at or visit our secure website at

                You won’t be disappointed, enjoy everyone!!!:)


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                  Do to numerous of requests we’re going to add another to our special:

                  Buy any (2) Super Test 10 or 20ml vials either 400 or 550mgs will give u another for free. WHAT?

                  It’s a hot seller, and we’re going to continue with it,

                  Our delivery time is averaging 1-4 days pending on your location, Lightning fast, all packages are sent priority, tracking number, and insured respectfully.

                  All (5) orders from yesterday are going out today. Please check your emails for Tracking Number!

                  Fresh products, hot off the press. Fully stocked.

                  NO MINIMUM ORDER!

                  We’re very pleased to be apart of the elite IFBB community.

                  Enjoy everyone...


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                    Just an update, all packages were sent earlier this morning, Tracking Number says, estimated delivery, Monday, that’s (6) orders all over the us! Please check your pm and emails respectfully!

                    (2) days. Lightning fast!

                    Enjoy everyone


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                      All (9) orders placed yesterday, will be mailed out Monday morning.

                      We may add some extra specials to the mix, Test Cypionate...

                      We aim to please, the Super Test is off the hook, made in a laboratory, we have moderaters and board owners on it with outstanding gains! For a reason. Because it’s that good.

                      We’re just sharing the wealth!!!!

                      New products, outstanding results, no PIP, and it keeps getting better! We’re FULLY STOCKED!

                      NO MINIMUM CHARGE TO ORDER


                      You won’t be disappointed...

                      Our lightening fast deliveries are to ur door step in 1-4 days, sent priority, discreet, tracking number and insured respectfully!