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  • Summer Specials.....

    Yes sir, we had (14) orders over the weekend, all orders are in the air per Monday. 7/1/19. We aim to please, our delivery time is 1/4 days pending on location...

    Were having a specials, make a (3) product purchase, u will get an additional one for free. Thatís right buy (3) get four(4) in same purchase.

    We donít have a MINIMUM TO ORDER, but we do have a store and a secure encryption website for ur connivence!

    Please view our our summer deals!!!

    Were fully stocked withPIP free gear...

    Enjoy, itís off the hook!!!

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    Specials are booming, buy (3) on a single order, and you get one for free.

    Buy (3) and you get (4) !!!

    We share the wealth, and like to give back to the community!

    Thats a steal with our laboratory made products, PIP free, many happy and completely satisfied customers.

    Real deal!!!

    Were fully stocked!!

    Enjoy everyone.......


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      To everyone that ordered per July 3 to the 7th, all orders are packed, and hitting the air today, please check your emails for your tracking number respectively.

      Please view our secure website for all our specials, were fully stocked!


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        Weíre are excited to announce we have been invited to the Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

        July 17 - July 20, 2019.

        We have a lot of IFBB clients competing and wouldnít miss it for the world. To all who have tried us, weíre only getting bigger and better because of our dedication and quality to our customers. Because we care!

        We thank you, all orders are out, please check your emails respectfully.

        Enjoy everyone...


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          We are excited and pleased to announce we will continue to have our specials on our PIP free gear brewed in a laboratory in both 10 and 20ml vials respectfully. Due to high demand and satisfied customers sending pms and emails we received asking when will our specials are over. We got your back, we care and weíre thorough, purchase (3) and get (4) products until further notice!

          All (16) orders from last week are completely delivered, we track each package ourselves to make sure itís delivered as well, our delivery service is 100% delivered. Both domestic and international. We send all discreet packages priority, fully insured, with a tracking number respectfully, no SIGNATURE required at all. Usually 1/3 days guaranteed delivered.

          Weíre fully STOCKED, brand new exclusive batches brewed per 7/14/19, and we will continue to go the extra mile for everyone. We are also one of the few suppliers to represent IFBB respectfully as well. We are the real deal.

          Were proud to be apart of Superior Muscle and always look out for our brothers!:)

          Please visit our secure website at

          No registration required, E-Z check in and out feature.

          Enjoy Everyone!!!


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            Just clarifying everything, our specials are going to be extended to the end of the summer. That's absolutely correct, order any (3) products in 10 or 20ML vials in one order, we will throw in a fourth of your choice.

            Please email us and say what u are ordering, and say what product u want, we got your back.. EMAIL

            Or make a three product order and will send FOUR (4)Ö


            Also we are invited to the IFBB Teen Collegiate $ Masters NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS this weekend, we have a lot of clients participating, so we will be closed this weekend. All orders placed Friday to Sunday, will be aired out Monday respectfully...

            Were the real deal, fully stocked with brand new brewed products, made in a laboratory, always over filled and PIP free! Our discreet delivery services take 1-3 days to your doorstep...



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              To the 11 orders ordered yesterday and today, they are going airborne to your destination respectfully tomorrow morning. We will be off this weekend, going to Pittsburgh for a IFBB event! All orders can always be received this weekend, we have a store. All orders ordered this weekend, will be mailed out first thing Monday morning.

              much respect, please view our specials...


              We donít have a minimum order, and one luck client is getting double of what they ordered. We do that once a month!

              Bonus, we care, we look out, we go the extra mile!!!


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                To all that made purchases per Wednesday and this Thursday, your package is airborne, please check ur emails for tracking number.

                We all about business first, we care, we go the the extra mile.

                Now weíre flying to Pittsburgh, Pa for a IFBB event! We have clients there.

                We are still taking orders for our exclusive products while weíre away, packs will go out Monday. Keeping it real! we have a store, a secure website and we have NO MINIMUM TO ORDER....

                specials are flying, buy three (3) get FOUR (4). Real deal!

                Enjoy everyone!!!!:)

                Priscila Leimbacher
                Keep an eye out for this super star..

                just saying....



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                  To the (7) orders placed yesterday and all orders placed this weekend, your package will be mailed out Monday.

                  Just letting everyone know, business is first.

                  We at at a International bodybuilding event till Sunday.

                  Please view our specials,

                  You wonít be disappointed, all PIP free vials are over filled, and delivered in 1/3 days.

                  Absolutely NO MINIMUM TO ORDER