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    I agree with you that you should never have a sore spot at the injection site. But I've run us pharmacy gh that left me tired as fuck the first 3 weeks bro.

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      I like to use other guys pictures as my avatar. Not gay at all. lol Yes that's me.

      Almost everyone is running generics unkesss you want to spend $600+ for a kit of US pharm. some come with pretty labels and boxes and some don't.

      Here's the thing I've learned from doing a lot of testing... it's hard to find someone who consistently sells properly dosed GH. I wouldn't spend a dime on any GH from the sponsors on here except for The Provoder. He's the only sponsor that has proven himself every time. You want more info send me a PM


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        Originally posted by Chadd77 View Post
        If we added up everyone's salaries, kaiser still makes more then that!
        NOT mine:disagree:

        I mean, how dare you say something like that:noo:

        I've got $1K bills to prove it