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  • ACL Recovery

    I am looking into trying HGH to help speed up my rehab. This is my 2nd ACL in the same knee. First time was in 2002 14 years of horrible pain, I found a ortho that found what was wrong..I just had it fixed 3 weeks ago but really need to back to work by mid May.

    Anyway, I have used test cyp before to "bulk up" which I did. This time I want to lose the fat gained over the years and more importantly speed up the recovery of the ACL reconstruction and most of my meniscus being saved out.
    Thought, suggestions, personal same situation... I'm all ears so to speak.

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    To add to this. I am not looking for a beach bod or anything like that. Just lose the 20lbs gained from not getting enough exercise do the bum knee. Thay and most importantly get my quads and hamstrings back to the shape they should be in. I have zero definition anymore. ( I'm 5'9 and couple dunk a basketball by age 25 qnd struggled to hit the backboard, I was only 160 now 180)


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      did you mean to post this in the jintropin section?

      you can easily lose the fat by adjusting the diet. it's really very simple bro. if you've gained weight it's a matter of you eating more then your body is burning. you need to put some effort into diet.