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IGF results for 30iu nord pens

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  • IGF results for 30iu nord pens

    Been doing 3iu ED for about 3 weeks

    My baseline igf is 138. I went through 2 pens. I contacted jintropin about results and they wanted me to send back the norditopin so it could be tested but I really dont see the point but if they want it I'll send it. One pen could test good and the next not so good. Plus if I send the pens back then I'm out of the pens. Each pen can vary so who really knows. I think I might test again cause I have another 2 pens and I got a bunch of 16iu genos I still gotta test as well.

    Look with the jintropin kits the first 50iu was good but the next 50iu kit numbers dropped. If I'm spending this kind of $ I dont think it's worth rather take my chances with the brand I've tested a couple times and other guys have tested and never had a bad result.

    Me personally I wont be ordering from them anymore cause I've tested 3 different brands hgh from them and wasnt impressed considering the price. I test alot of different brands for guys cause I know not everybody has access to bloodwork. Pretty soon I'm just going to stick with the brand I was running so I dont have to worry wondering if it's good or not.

    This is the hgh game so you just never know.

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    Stick to The Provider when it comes to HGH. No reason to order from anyone else.