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IGF-1 levels with Jintropin vs Generic

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  • IGF-1 levels with Jintropin vs Generic

    I've been much more consistent this year with tracking my bloods every 3 months or so. Got hooked up with a great "anti-aging" clinic locally and, because a doc reviews the bloods for them, it's all covered under my insurance.

    Got labs done in January before I started running anything. Baseline IGF-1 at 271 which was in range for me being 31 years old. Started running a regimen of generic GH from another online source that I normally get peptides from. I've had great luck with them in the past and their purity tests for their GH seemed promising. Worked my way up to 6iu / day (3iu wake, 3iu PM). Sides weren't super noticeable; tight hands and not much else.

    Ran bloods in April and IGF1 came back higher at 307. Thought this seemed promising.

    A dude who has coached me for a while kept beating me over the head with the "Generic vs Pharma" argument. Swore up and down that I "just didn't know what *really good* GH was like".

    He turned me on to WorldHGH / I did my research on these boards and pulled the trigger on a few kits of Jintropin. I liked that I could verify the serial numbers online with GenSci.

    It was a bit pricier than the other GH, so when the kits arrived, I took the dose down to 5iu / day so I could stretch a vial out for 2 days.

    I don't think I made it through the first kit before I was like, "HOLY SHIT, my buddy was right".

    Woke up every day with my hands numb as shit. Couldn't even beat it to completion without my goddamn hands going numb. All day long, full body pump. Shit was just awesome. A bit sleepy throughout the day, only drawback.

    Needless to say, I ordered another set of kits. Time came around earlier this month to do my next set of bloods and there it was. IGF-1 at 570. I thought "yeah, well that figures".

    This shit is super legit. So I'm writing this because it was reviews like this on these sort of boards that convinced me to pull the trigger in the first place, so hopefully I can save someone like myself the wasted time and money of jacking around with other shit. I wish I would have found this source sooner, especially for past injuries of mine.

    I'll check back on this every so often if anyone has any questions that I can help answer.