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I've been using the t3 from lion and I'm not noticing the "burn" everyone refers to. I ramped the dosages up E3D from 20 mcgs to my current dose of 100 mcg's which I've been on for 3 days now. I've been running this along with clen (spiropent), but haven't noticed any dramatic effects such as the profuse sweating and the like. I don't want to go above 100mcgs, but how the hell am I supposed to know this is working. I'm currently running the following:

Test Prop 100 mg EOD
Tren Acetate 75 mg EOD
Winny 50 mg ED
T3 100 mcg's per day split into 3 doses- 40/40/20
clen 180 mcg's per day slip into 3 doses
I'm looking leaner, but I thought the results would be more dramatic after a couple weeks of adding the t3 and clen.
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