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Originally Posted by slayer of souls
The general concept is interesting, I am curious to know of the points that you disagree that with.
"After the execution of weight training, women athletes have to spend not less than 20-30 minutes for relaxation. That aims at both quicker recuperation and meeting aesthetic requirements."
My aesthetic requirements!!! Hahaha, thats too funny. There is nothing that I like more than leaving the gym just jacked up because my muscles are so pumped up. Perhaps not the most feminine of looks, but I will not be spending 30 minutes relaxing so that I don't look like a man on the way out! :laughnew:

"Weight training is welcome and arouses the interest of sportswomen not only for the possible benefit with regard to the discipline they train. It also enables them to satisfy their natural striving for emancipation and equality, suppressed in them in the course of thousands of years. Entering an area of strength that until recently has been of interest only to men - they are very careful and concentrated, what makes work with them pleasant and fruitful."

I didn't realise I was lifting to make up for the thousands of years of sexual inequality, I thought it was in increase strength and make me a better fighter.
Huh, go figure.

Yes, I admit the article is a bit outdated now, but I found some of the patronising implications funny thats all.
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