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Originally Posted by THE BOUNCER View Post
because i dont follow what others blindly say without evidence. i must do things for myself to prove things to myself.

i respect what you and scott say but you know me bro, i must do things my way. i think this experiment will be interesting none the less. havent seen anyone else online really be willing to potentially waste an expensive bottle of igf lr3. call me a dipshit or call me a trail blazer.. whatever you do.. just call me!
Ya I have only "read" that the Bac will kill it never had the ballz to try cuz It is just as easy with AA so who realy cares. But if its for your own personal knowledge then hell ya go for it.
I did EQ only cuz people said it wouldnt work,lol they were right it was weak
hopefull you get something outta the igf
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