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Insulin-like Growth Factor LR3 (IGF-1)
IGF-1 (Long R3 IGF-1) Dose:
Light: 20 mcg
Common: 40 mcg
Large: 80 mcg

IGF-1 is injected post work out (PWO) or in the AM on non workout days for 4-6 week intervals.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (Long-R3-IGF-1), an 83 amino acid analog of IGF-1 is a highly anabolic hormone released primarily in the liver with the stimulus of growth hormone (HGH).

IGF-1 LR3 Molecule

Freeze dried (lyophilized) IGF-1 (in powder state) should be stored in the freezer (-18 degrees celsius).
Each Long r3 IGF-1 kit contains:

* 1000mcg of lyophilized Long R3 IGF-1
* 2 mls of 0.6% Acetic Acid (AA)
* 30ml Sodium Chloride (NaCL) as buffer

Dilute the IGF-1 with 2mls of Acetic Acid. Assuming (*DO NOT ASSUME*) AA will yield the correct pH balance of your research peptide.
Note: This creates a concentration of 500mcg/ml. So each 1/10 of a ML is 50mcg’s.

Draw the desired amount of IGF in to a syringe. Desired amount should be the approx dose you want to take.
Example- 2mls AA used to reconstitute IGF-1 1mg vial means 5 units on a U100 insulin syringe would equal 25mcg IGF-1
Pre-load your syringes at 5iu (25mcg IGF-1). Divide your IGF-1 into 20 syringes to move to the freezer for storage.

Thaw prior to administration. Draw from your NaCL after thawed to fill the remainder of your syringe with the buffer (up to 1ml typically).

Administer your test subject intramuscularly (IM) post workout. IGF-1 does not need to be bilaterally or in the muscle trained.

Unknown whether injecting IGF-1 to increase muscle growth
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