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The boring answer you don't want to hear. Diet is the single biggest factor by far. To lose weight its actually very simple. You must consume less calories then you burn. If you are not losing weight at the moment it's because you are eating more calories then you burn. It really is as simple as that, no magic here.

Second factor is cardio. The more cardio you do the more cals you burn. I'm sure this isn't news to you but sometimes people don't want to see the truth even if its right in front of them.

Cut calories by 200 per day, increase cardio by 20 minutes per day. Wait a month and evaluate. If progress is being made then continue. If not, add more cardio. Hard work and consistency.. You will easily achieve your goals.

Boring answer huh? Not as fun as taking a new supplement that will magically transform you! Truth is, supplements by in large are absolute crap. People love the idea of believing in something that will give them results without any increased effort on their part. It almost never works like that.
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