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Unfortunately for women the diet needs to be very strict for shedding BF. Women tend to hold more bf than men by nature and benefit from low fat high fiber diets.

I don't think ppl really understand what "eating clean" is all about. They think there eating good bc they dropped mcdonalds and ice cream. Here is a example below to work from. Any deviation from this type of diet is a compromise. Resist urge to binge and eat crap. It takes 500 burpee's to burn off 1 small McDonalds fry.

Example (for women):
Meal one: 4 whites, 1 whole egg. 1/2 c cooked oats, 1 c fruit, 1 c black coffee

Meal two: 4 oz breast, 4 oz sweet potato

Meal three: 4 oz breast, 1/2 c cooked parboiled rice or brown rice, 1 c greens of your choice

Meal four: 4 oz tilapia, 1 c greens of your choice

Meal five: 5 whites

Meal six: 5 oz lean ground turkey, 6 oz extra lean red meat ( alternate every other day)

16oz of water at every meal. You can add a little more carbs to each meal from brown rice, sweet potato, oats.

If you can maintain this diet for 6-months come back and we can re-visit anabolic's/supplements. She hasn't responded because we didn't give her the answer she wanted to hear. Maybe someone else reading this will. I would allow yourself to have 1 cheat meal a week basically eat whatever you one for that meal.

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