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Natural and Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast in Healthy Way
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You can gain weight by eating pizza, ice cream, bread, pasta, donuts and cheeseburgers. But, this is not at all the best way. All these type of fast foods are not good for health.

How to gain weight in a healthy way? Gaining weight is also as difficult as weight losing. The people who are skinny and thin, they might take the food in a wrong way, that is prolonging the meal time gaps, spending more physical activity without increasing the food levels and etc these causes leads to weight loss.

And some people who are eating healthy food in right way also they are not gaining weight because those people might have some health disorders or they got this feature from their grandís, these people better to take suggestions from *their family doctors.

Best ways to gain weight fast

Eat healthy foods in a right manner thus, you can gain weight in a healthy way. Here are the natural ways to gain weight.

1.*Foods that help in weight gaining*

Fruits or fruit juices: Fruits are the most healthy and natural food. Eat seasonal fruits as snacks on daily basis and drink fruit juices.

Eggs: Eggs are naturally loaded with more proteins and vitamins such as vitamins A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. And also eggs provide good cholesterol. Add 2 boiled eggs daily in your breakfast.

Oatmeal: A cup of oatmeal is the best nutrient breakfast. It contains high fiber, and it also provides essential nutrients to the body.*

Ghee and Butter: Butter and Ghee are connected with long term weight gain. Intake of ghee and butter should be in control, daily consumption of ghee or butter is risk for heart.*

Wheat bread: Wheat bread gives approximately 69 calories per each slice. Take bread with milk will give you good weight gain.

Tuna: The essential fatty acids in tuna have a crowd of healthy fats, which helps in gaining weight and also help in preserving physical well-being.*

Yogurt: Fat less yogurt gives you as much as 118 calories. Include curd in your daily diet for fastest weight gain.*

2.*Eat food for every three hours:

We have to supply continuous energy to our body because, it works like an engine thatís always does work. If you skip meals or not taking for time to time, how can you supply energy to your body? The result is the body unfortunately uses the muscle mass, it leads to weight loss. So, to prevent this, eat regular meals. Even you are not feeling hungry also take sufficient healthy foods for every three hours give you healthy weight gain.

3.*Eat group of healthy foods at once:

You might have take a single banana or apple and handful of nuts as snacks with these also add some more healthy foods such as whole grain toast with butter and cheese, a glass of milk or fruit milk shake. These all provides good proteins and nutrients which helps to gain weight.*

4.*Eat healthy food but not more:

Donít eat huge quantities of food, eat foods which having number of nutrients, vitamins and proteins in a small serving. Dry fruits are the great example. Take dry fruits in a box, place besides to your system or laptop and eat one one fruit.

5.*Eating rules before bed:

Eat dinner one hour before, and drink a glass of milk just before going to sleep. Our body will be in relaxed mode while sleeping, we wonít do any physical activity. So, our body regenerates more energy it helps to gain weight. *
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