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The sole purpose of this thread is for those that want clean eating examples, recipes, ideas, you name it, post some yourself. It can be of any type of food, even tofu(scrum)

But to be fair and keeping this as accurate to its title as possible, ALL food postings SHOULD be of clean eating or dieting as most would call it.

Hopefully it'll help others and if anything, maybe get them motivated to start eating better and overall, being a tad bit more healthy:thumb:

Remember, keep the pics of foods to strict clean meals. I will also continue to update my other thread and will post link here;

Made some chicken with coco oil and basic spices with veggies and sprayed with olive oil. mix and match how you'd like. Since lowering my dose a bit, I've added rice to keep me fuller and keeping the weight on, it's worked great for me since carbs and I don't get along very well.

I don't consider rice being a bad thing to eat, if anything the opposite...UNLESS you're about to do a show or what not. Little bit of it for minimal carbs isn't bad either folks. Don't want anyone thinking rice is bad, it's not. What usually is bad is peoples training/diet.

If you've never had Bok Choy, get some...vit c and calcium strong...

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