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That's awesome. Is he doing the regular O or masters? He's 51 now, ferrigno was only 42 when he made his return. I really don't see levrone being competitive in anything other than the masters class. We are all fans of his but we have to be realistic. He's made a lot of progress and that is awesome but take a look at some old pics of him and you'll see pretty fast that he looks nowhere near his prime. Not hating, I wish him the best. Just being realistic.

This seems more like the people @ifbb doing something to get more interest in the Mr.O. Probably getting paid a pretty penny for this "invite".

Has Levrone posted any pics of his legs recently? Iv'e seen only upper body.

What's the odds he gets "injured" a week out from the show? Hate to be so negative about it but this just seems really off.
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