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Originally Posted by epix00 View Post
this is true, but out of a 10 year career for him to only be compared to phil for 2 of the years is like nothing. Phil has brought an awesome package consistently for 5 years. Im not a huge heath fan btw, I like levrone more and would love for some craziness to happen and watch him make a splash at the olympia. The problem is if he brought anything less than his peak package he wouldnt win, and even then it would still be a close call. The question that possible this long out of the game at this age?
Agree. Heath is my least favorite Mr O but you got a point. There is zero chance 51 year old levrone is even as good as his worst show 13 years ago. Current Phil will murder levrone.

Prime levrone 15 years ago vs Phil today. I say levrone.
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