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Originally Posted by fanbrits View Post
As a spin off to the hamstring talk, it got me thinking about one of my own personal problems. Cellulite. Now standing up relaxed, most people would say "WHERE??". But one day recently my sister who thinks i had a perfect figure was blown off her chair when i bent down to pick something up and she seen a dimple in my leg from quite a distance. It made her decade, but has driven me insane ever since. So it's basically when I take a squat position (guess who no longer wears shorts on leg day), I get a couple of dimples in the backs of my legs half way between my knee & Butt. I recently changed my diet which was not bad before, but now im being a bit more dedicated and strict. So i'm kinda unsure as to wether I also need to be upping the cardio or concentrating on my leg workout. You read all about cellulite not being so called normal stored fat & how hard it is to get rid of. I don't know what or who to believe & I find it bizarre that I even have it after all the running I do. Thank god i don't have it like mashed potatoes, but it's just 2 or 3 dimple like dents & i wouldnt have cared too much except my silly sister thinks she hit the jackpot spotting them & wont shut up about it. haha. So any theorys, advice would be so much appreciated?
There is definitely a genetic aspect to it that may be hard to fight against.

I would imagine that diet would play a bigger role than a leg workout. Working the leg muscles wouldn't really have much of an effect on how fat is stored on them, it would just tone the muscle. Get your diet as perfect as you can and see if that changes anything. Keep training, keep doing cardio but most importantly get that diet spot on.
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