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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
I think the only thing I'd be willing to inject everyday is GH. Something that I know absolutely has the ability to cause drastic changes overtime. i feel like the payoff for ED gh injections is absolutely worth it but l-cartinine I'm not so sure. Especially considering frank that link you posted about the benefits are largely the same sorts of effects as GH only I'm sure not anywhere near as effective as actual gh know what I mean? not trying to be negative about it just saying it better be damn effictive if i gotta shoot the shit every day. haha
I get that 100% I think the thing that makes people try this stuff is that its like $50 a month compared to a couple hundred. (I got those bottles for free. Not sure if I'd tried it otherwise) But I've heard good things from people that have tried it. I will say the engery is nice.
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