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Testosterone increase update
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This is my second week going from 100mg a week to 200mg a week and I'm very impressed. My energy, stamina, SEX DRIVE have all increased. I'm sure my strength is coming. I can also see a little size increase with smaller muscles such as traps, calf's and four arm. I'm 47 but feel like I'm 22 again already. lol Bouncer you hit this on the head brother when you said at 200mg a week there's no need for Viagra. I feel like I'm on it all the time now. lol Wife is starting to get suspicious but I'm telling her its this new creatine I just started on. That's right she doesn't know. lol She hated the idea of me wanting to go around my doc and :thumb:increase it but that's exactly why I went to the urologist. When I told him the test works but not fully he wrote me a script for Viagra when all he really had to do was put me on 200mg of test a week but either way I"M FIXED JACK. I was going to post a pick but Rado posted that pick of himself & I said fuck that. I'll wait. lmao
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