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Read the literature at the synthetek website. The reason they make the injectable product is because the only studies that have shown actual increases in muscle Carnitine that have any profound and lasting effect are when injectable Carnitine is introduced into the bloodstream while insulin levels are above a certain threshold. That's when the magic happens. If you are injecting without the insulin spike it will do what oral Carnitine does, which is go right through you. You are not increasing in any way that will benefit your fat burning potential. This is because without insulin it never crosses into the mitochondria where it serves two functions. If you do elevate the Carnitine level in the muscle cell, and you can do it without injecting exogenous insulin although that's the most straightforward route, you increase fat burning dramatically and you remain in this state for quite some time......I believe once in the mitochondria a shot of Carnitine will last something like 190 hours. But you also have to reach a threshold of Carnitine to make any difference you will feel and see. Six hundred is not nearly enough. I do 1200 eod with an insulin spike from carbohydrate and it is ridiculous how much faster I can get into show or photo shoot condition. After a while your Bodyfat takes on a new much lower set point. It's all in the article, the author was payed to gather the research and put it into usable terms, but he has nothing to do with Synthetek or " big Al." No stock in the company, no percentage made from what they sell. He is a scientist and brilliant guy and was working freelance at the time he wrote it. He got a flat sum, which was not very much, and that was that. But it does work incredibly if you follow the guidelines. Some guys take it IV and have reported getting down to show condition without meaning to. Anyaway, read the article. You can even do it with oral Carnitine and sugary carbs but it is a very slow and arduous process and maybe not the healthiest thing. You judge for yourself. Good luck.
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