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Originally Posted by Leledc View Post
Hey man! Right know i m using eq, is a staple for all my cycle, but i s alot of time that i m thinking about primo, i m a tren fan but tren destroyed my liver enzymes, my mind and i don t wanna feel sick all day, a lot of persons say that primo is tren without the sides, i was thinking to do a 6 month cycle starting af 700 mg week for the first month and after bump to 1G but is so expensive, i don t wanna buy 160$ of primo with somekind of test eq or masteron inside brother
Nah, primo is not tren without the sides. 100% incorrect. It's a mild drug that gives good results and works well with test as long as the primo dose is high enough. People expect way too much from primo.

Test and Masteron is more effective and cheaper.
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