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Yeah I was talking to chadd and we said 10 days but world wants me to run it 14 days at 5 ius then test. I told him no problem and he assured me that the numbers will be much better than croy test score. I have had emails back and forth with him about the outcome of the test results. I said if my numbers are not in the upper 500 or 600 range it is not 10ius per vial. He had a few comments about that score though. I have a baseline score of 125 already. So we will see what they have to offer soon. I talked to him also about why was score the real deal and yours and selects are low. Not really any good answers out of either of them so far I think. We will wait and see what rado scores also on selects second try. It was stand up at least for world to reimburse croy his money. I hope they test well this time.

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