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Originally Posted by ROCKETW19 View Post
good stuff you already talked to him and he knows. thats all good if he wants you to wait and test 14 days then do it just so he knows its what he wanted.
just between you and me the 2 week waiting thing has been debunked and most guys are catching on already that, that was false. but who cares he knows what you are doing and I would wait 14 days to honor his wishes. there are niobium's excuse that way.
I hope they tun out good specially seeing what he did for the other guy full refund was awesome the world guy needs to get a brake and get some good karma.
only down side is I have never seen a JIN test 100% yet but there is always a first.

in his defense how are you going to use chads numbers as yours? you need to get real USA GH or one that you know for sure tests as real and get that reading so you know what your body will make at a real 5IUs does that make sense?

the reason I know mine scores is I have used serostim and tested that at 2.5 and 5 IU so I now what other should read. when the blacks came back with the same IGF score as my serostim I knew chad was testing a real 10iu vial. so you can guess but you will never really know what you IGF score is unless you test it with real stuff. all scores are not the same we are all different chad scores higher than me with same exact stuff. you might score higher than both of us or maybe less.
Ok that makes sense. Thanks again for the info and I will keep you posted. I was also going off that 1 iu of Pharma grade hgh raises levels around 100? I though you stated that in an older post? So if I have a baseline of 125 and I do 5ius I should be somewhat close to 500 or 600 igf? Now that im understanding this much clearer now I will be buying some US PHARMA to test and compare. Like I stated from the beginning I was very new to this and just wanted to figure out what is the best HGH for myself for the long term. I plan on running gh for a long time. Thanks again rocket for all this info. Yeah world has been great to me so far and I hope the jins test well for him. I will keep you guys posted.

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