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Originally Posted by lipripper View Post
Fucking Bouncey boy..afraid of a needle but talking shit cause I use gloves.. you got balls bitch

I got gloves that wrap my wrist bro...I need the wrist support. I have issues with most of my joints, the wraps on the gloves keep my wrist straight and allows me to keep better form with using weights. anyone whos been in a gym more then a week would know that
Lol @ gloves for wrist support. It's called athletic tape you retard. Gloves are not made for wrist support. They are to protect hands. You want proper wrist support you use athletic tape.

Why do you think a boxer tapes his wrist before he puts his gloves on?

Taking your gloves to a sewing shop... Lmfao. Gayest thing I've heard in a long time.
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