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Originally Posted by FrankTheTank55 View Post
I'm fine with what I get but thanks buddy....

And the guidelines I was talking about was 1iu = 100 point increase in igf levels. Where did that come from?
The 100 point is a guideline. Obviously not for everyone. It's not taking into consideration anyone's baseline. But with a lot of the guys I know taking "properly dosed" HGH this is very close. If you're taking 5iu and your igf-1 is 300, that's way low even if your baseline is 0.

What benefit would I get from lying about my scores? So I altered my igf-1 score so it looked higher? Or took a higher dose? lol Maybe you should try properly dosed HGH sometime. I'm sure it would do your pop tart body some good. lol
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